Investment options

Investment options

Get to know your investment options with myM&G

Choosing your funds

With myM&G, you can invest in equity, bond, and multi-asset funds. Please remember the value of your investment can go down as well as up so you might not get back the amount you put in.


Equities are shares of ownership in a company. Over the long term (10 years or more), investing in equities has the potential to generate higher returns (than if you put your money in a bank account, for example), which could help you meet your investment objectives.
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Fixed income investments, known as bonds, can offer a more predictable income than riskier kinds of assets like equities. They can also add important diversification to your investment portfolio.
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Multi-asset funds can offer an off-the-shelf solution for investors looking for diversification. They typically invest across a range of assets, such as bonds and equities, all in one portfolio.
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Our fund selector tool has been designed to let you view our entire range in one place, together with handy filters to help you with choose the fund that’s right for you. This information is not a personal recommendation for any particular investment. If you are unsure about the suitability of an investment you should speak to an authorised financial adviser.

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MyM&G brings you investment choice

Whatever your plans may be – and whether you're an experienced investor or you're investing for the first time – it’s easy to invest with myM&G. You can choose to hold your M&G funds in an Individual Savings Account (ISA), Junior ISA or General Investment Account (GIA), and manage them fully online.


An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-efficient investment vehicle in which you can hold a range of investments, including investment funds and cash.
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Junior ISA

Junior ISAs (JISAS) are a flexible, simple and tax-efficient way for you to save for a child’s future. Investments in a Junior ISA can only be accessed by the child when they reach the age of 18.
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Once you've used up your yearly ISA allowance or if an ISA isn't right for your needs, a General Investment Account (GIA) with myM&G could help you to add to your investments in a simple and straightforward way.
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Please remember that the value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you might not get back the amount you put in. We are unable to give financial advice. If you are unsure about the suitability of your investment, speak to your financial adviser.

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Transfer your existing investments from other providers to M&G funds on myM&G.
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If you’re an existing M&G Investments customer, you can move your M&G funds to myM&G.
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Protect your tax allowance with myM&G Cash Park

If you’re waiting for the right time to invest or are unsure about which funds to invest in, then you can hold your money in our Cash Park. Your money won't earn you any interest whilst it is deposited in the Cash Park so it should only be a temporary home whilst you decide which fund(s) to invest in.

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