Fraud alerts and tips

Fraud alerts and tips

In order to keep safe online, it's important to be aware of the latest security threats and fraudulent activity. We suggest you check this page frequently to keep up to date with the latest security threats that may affect M&G and its investors.

Latest alerts

Established brands are often targeted by fraudsters to add the appearance of legitimacy to their crimes. This can take many forms but often fraudsters will impersonate representatives of the company. They will frequently use falsified or copied material (documentation, email addresses, websites etc.) that uses the branding and intellectual property of the company as a tool for such impersonation.

If you have concerns regarding the legitimacy of any communication with someone purporting to represent M&G please contact us immediately.

If you have been approached regarding any of the below products please contact us as these are known to be linked to fraudulent activity:

If you have received any suspicious communications claiming to be from M&G:

Previous alerts

Boiler room scams

Share and bond scams are often run from ‘boiler rooms’ where fraudsters cold-call investors offering them worthless, overpriced or even non-existent shares or bonds. They use increasingly sophisticated tactics to approach investors, offering to buy or sell shares in a way that will bring a huge return.

South African Fraud

UK financial institutions are identifying a number of attempts of fraud targeting the financial assets of South African residents. Third parties are impersonating the genuine owner of such assets and attempting to withdraw funds with the intention of transferring the proceeds to bank accounts in other countries.

M&G has robust security controls in place to prevent this type of activity, however, it is also important to contact us if you suspect a third party has information in relation to your financial assets or you suspect your post has been intercepted or interfered with.

Find out more about how to protect your information and financial assets.

Brand Abuse

We are aware of fraudsters claiming to represent M&G using variations of our name, registered company address, and logo in order to create the pretence of legitimacy. If you have received any suspicious communications claiming to be from M&G:

Security tips

Below are some tips to help keep your myM&G investment protected.

Other useful websites will provide further contact and information channels if you wish to seek further advice or guidance.